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Restoration contractors across the nation face similar struggles in the industry. Storm Contractor Solutions works to provide solutions for each area. Whether you need leads and sales teams or help dealing with difficult insurance carriers and invoicing, there is sure to be a solution for you.

Claim Settlements

Membership with the APA

Storm Contractor Solutions has been providing its customers with business solutions for over 10 years. We truly care about our clients’ success and are trying to connect contractors with the resources that they are sorely lacking.

Insurance companies run-over both the contractor and the homeowner on regular occasions. With their extensive pocket and reach, it seems that carriers always have the upper hand. This leave contractors struggling to keep themselves afloat, because so much time, energy and money is being stolen by insurance companies.

These issues, however, pale in comparison to the OUTRIGHT FRAUD committed by insurance companies on the daily. Falsified engineer reports, intentionally confusing wording in negotiations, scare tactics directed at homeowners regarding their contractors, outright denials, carelessness, or poor policies without code coverage, are just a few of the ways insurance is constantly ripping off contractors and homeowners.

To combat this matter, we have become a proud member of the American Policyholder Association. The APA is a non-for-profit organization designed to “…promote best practices with licensing agencies and governing bodies and monitor, identify and report on insurance fraud against property owners. We also advocate broadly for policyholder benefits and promote solutions in insurance coverage, the insurance claim process, and the repair and rebuilding process for Policyholders in every state. ” as stated on their website. With their help and our resources, we have the opportunity and strength to bring fraudulent behavior to the attention of lawmakers.

Storm Contractor Solutions is proud to be a part of the APA, and excited to work with our clients. Hand in hand, we are ready to assist in growth and profits while protecting contractors and their customers from the exploitation from insurance carriers.